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Earn Passive Income: Introducing the Noovo x OG Owner-Operator Program

"OffGrid just made it easy. The bookings come in, the renters receive video tutorials, user guides, the works. Basically, all I have to do is hand them the keys.

The best part is that I use my van when I want and earn enough from rentals to cover the financing payment, insurance, maintenance, etc."

Nico-Saucedo-OffGrid Travel-owner-operator

Nico Saucedo

Software Sales Manager, Airbnb Host, OG Owner-Operator

What does it mean to be an Owner-Operator?

It's your van, use it when you want. When you're not using it, put it to work and let it pay for itself. OffGrid provides you with bookings, you provide your van. You keep 80% of the rental revenue. It's that simple. 


  • Get $3,000 off when you purchase your new noovo
  • Receive 3 months of 0% booking fees (12 month minimum listing commitment)


Everything you need to know about the OG Owner Operator Program is just a click away. (5 minute read) ➡️ 

Introducing: noovo

(Formerly Bemyvan)

Discover the cutting-edge noovo models meticulously crafted for extraordinary adventures and off-grid living. 

Korey Kelly - Sandy-int - 06-1

noovo lite

Starting at $154,000
Financing available from $1,030/month
Noovo Plus-4

noovo plus

Coming April, 2024
Financing available

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